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Student Online Survey Summer Term 2018

Dear course participant,

as a student registered on one of our in-sessional courses in "German as a Foreign Language", you are kindly invited to share with us your language learning experience. Also, please tell us about your future German language requirements.
Your contribution to this survey will be treated strictly confidentially.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Your team "German as a Foreign Language"

If you have visited several German courses, you still choose only ONE course.
1. Which course are/were you enrolled on?

2. Did you attend regularly and receive a certificate?

Yes No

If you clicked 'Yes', please move on to question 3.
If you clicked 'No', please indicate why.

Which of the following reasons apply? You can tick more than one answer.

I stopped attending my language course, due to lack of time.
Due to changes in my timetable, the language course times were no longer suitable.
The new premises of the German Language Course Centre ('Bereich DaF'), on Universitätsstraße 90, meant a longer transfer time between campus and language classrooms.
Other reason(s):
please specify here…
3. For next semester, I would be interested in:

a general language course.
a specialist language course.
practice-oriented language training preparing you for the start of your career.
please specify …
4. In the future, I would prefer the following course format:

weekly classes classes every two weeks workshops during non-teaching periods of the semester
a.m. p.m.
Please feel free to make further comments in the box below, if you would like to tell us about your experience and/or how we could improve our language training and service.
If you agree, please give your email address below in case we would like to contact you for further clarification or to follow up your suggestions. Please note, though, that your contribution to this survey would no longer be anonymous. However, we can assure you that your comments will be treated strictly confidentially.