"German for everyday school life" for the Professional School of International Education (PiStE)

The project "Professional School of International Education" (PiStE) has been supervised by the PSE since 2021. It aims to increase the internationalisation of teacher training programmes. Teacher training students of all disciplines have the opportunity to apply for scholarships abroad during the Master's phase. These usually include three-month study visits to RUB. During their stay, students complete various modules and visit schools in the region.

The PSE cooperates in this project with the PUCE (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador) in Quito and the University of Oulu (Finland). PUCE students are therefore regular guests at RUB. Cooperations with other partners abroad are in preparation.

As part of the German as a Foreign Language (DaF) programme, the Department of German as a Foreign Language (DaF) offers DaF courses entitled "German for everyday school life". The students observe and teach foreign language lessons, so that German language skills are primarily receptively relevant in order to be able to follow everyday school life. Accordingly, the basic communication with students and teachers is just as important as the understanding of prominent text types in everyday school life (e.g. timetable or substitution schedule). The lessons are geared to the language level of the participants and therefore usually take place in small groups.

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