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From winter term 2024/2025 on, courses in German as a foreign language will be offered for international employees as part of internal training at RUB. Further information and a link to the RUB training portal will follow here in time.

Course 1 will take place for the first time in the winter term 2024/2025. The further courses will then follow one by one in the following semesters. You will find more information here in advance. Course 1 was previously piloted with the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy.

The following four courses are planned:

Course 1:
Communicating successfully in the every day life at our university - in German (A1.2)

Course 2:
Communicating with the administration and the facilities at our university - in German! (B1.1)

Course 3:
Understanding scientific texts and lectures - in German (B2.2)

Course 4:
Teaching academically in the foreign language German (from B2.2)

Course descriptions

Course 1:
Communicating successfully in your university life every day - in German (A1.2)

Would you like to communicate in German with your colleagues, supervisors or students about everyday topics? Even if the academic discussions in your faculty may mainly take place in English, knowledge of German will make it easier for you to socialize at the university and in your everyday life in Germany.
In this course, you will practise typical conversational situations such as small talk during a coffee break, ordering in the canteen or restaurant, making appointments, finding your way around the library, visiting the doctor, looking for accommodation and much more.

Further course descriptions will follow.