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Unfortunately we cannot offer our practical training programs (Integra12 and Language Support in School) at the moment.

We will inform you about current developments as soon as we have more information.

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This placement is suitable for students from all faculties who have an interest in acquiring a qualification as a teacher of German as a Foreign Language.

The Practical Training: German as a foreign language for prospective students with a refugee background (Project Integra 12) is a cooperation between the Department of German as a Foreign Language/University Language Centre and the International Office. The Department of German as a Foreign Language will train interested students via workshops and provide relevant content throughout the duration of the placement. Meanwhile, the International Office will assume responsibility for the organisation of class participants and will provide classrooms and materials. The aim of the programme is to provide German classes to potential students who have a background as refugees and also to offer them workshops and information events in order to prepare them for their studies.

The part of the module offered by the Department of German as a Foreign Language consists of: Debriefing after workshops, in-class observation of the Department’s intensive courses, pre- and post-lesson discussions with the teachers, assistance in the preparing and correction of tests, assistance in the correct level placement of class participants and a feedback report/discussion with the intern. After the workshops, the intern will teach classes twice a week (each for four teaching hours) at levels A1/A2/B1 to course participants who have arrived in Germany as refugees. The aim of these classes is to allow participants to integrate easily into the Department’s university preparation language courses. This module fulfils the basic requirements for the student to apply successfully as an Assistant Teacher Abroad (e.g. as a PAD or a DAAD Language Assistant in schools or universities outside Germany).

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